Discord Commands

Elevate your creative process with NOWAI's Discord bot. Simply enter commands to generate images, create prompts, fuse images, and more. Streamline your creative workflow with our intuitive and powerful Discord bot.


/create_x command

Simply fill in the prompt and hit send!

  • aspect ratios: You can change the aspect ratio by adding --ar to your prompt, followed by the desired ratio. Supported ratios: '16:9', '3:2', '4:3', '5:4', '1:1', '4:5', '3:4', '2:3', '9:16' Example: --ar 16:9 swapping models.

  • When using /create, choose an available model from the model options. Commands will remember your last selected model. You can see what models are available on the 'Models section'

/describe command

Provide an image and the AI will create a caption describing it! Use image_attachment for an image file or use image_url for an image link.

/fuse command

Deep fusion feature and fuse source image with your desired prompt!

  • source image: You may attach an image file using the image_attachment option, or you can include an image URL directly in the prompt field.

  • fusion power: fusion_power is how much power /fuse will have over your image.

  • More power leads to more transformation!

  • swapping models: /fuse also takes available models from the models option

/info command

To see useful information on NOWAI bot's command

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